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An opportunity to take part in a brand new production at South Hill Park’s Studio Theatre in Bracknell, 15-18th May 2019! We hope to then take the production on tour to several Fringe Festivals later in the summer – more information on this to follow as we get it.

Exit, Pursued by Panda presents, Tulips, a challenging and moving story of love, loss and dysfunctional relationships.

Scarlet has been victimised all her life – can she find the strength to survive when her boyfriend refuses to be a good person?

Alex wants to hold on to his girlfriend – will he accept that there’s a problem with their relationship?

Jason’s wife has left him and taken their only child with her – can he find redemption by helping Alex avoid the same mistakes?

Why is it so hard to change? And what happens if you don’t?



Auditions are 13th January 2019 (from 6pm) and Monday 14th January 2019 (from 7:30pm) at South Hill Park, Bracknell, RG12 7PA.

Auditions are APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Each slot will last approximately 30 minutes, consisting of a workshop-style audition working on excerpts of the play, and then a discussion of your work and your future plans. The relevant excerpts and a copy of the script are available upon request.

If anyone is unable to attend on the audition dates but wishes to be considered, please contact the director using the details below. Auditions for Exit Pursued by Panda are open to all and we fully support colour-blind casting.

• Scarlet – Late 20s/early 30s, unemployed / amateur actress. Sparky and humorous. That person on the bus you wish you could pluck up the courage to talk to.

• Jason – 40s, rugby player. Jokey but intimidating alpha male. That person on the bus who insists on talking to you.

• DJ – 40s, disc jockey. Women’s Rights fan. That person on the bus who tells you to turn your music down, it’s disturbing the other passengers (played by Jason).

• Christine – 50s/60s, charity worker. Disorganized but with a heart of gold. That person who gets on the wrong bus by mistake, but stays to ask how you’re feeling today.

• The Judge – 50s/60s, stern and unyielding. That person on the bus who won’t move their bag off an empty seat so you can sit down (played by Christine).

• Waitress – 50s/60s, inquisitive. That person on the bus who peers over your shoulder to see what you’re reading (played by Christine).

Please note that the role of Alex has already been cast. Playing ages are a guide only.

• Full cast rehearsals are planned to begin on w/c 25th March 2019. Rehearsal days are likely to be Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as all day Sunday rehearsals.

• We are aiming to perform at the following Fringe Festivals – 2/3 day runs in Catford (early June), Oxford (late June), Reading (late July) and Windsor (late September).

• Please note that the bookings for June onwards are subject to final application/approval to the respective Fringe Festivals. Applications open in Winter 2018 and we anticipate a final decision on whether we will be appearing at the Fringe Festivals in early 2019.

• We operate an open-book approach to our finances. At present the producers anticipate personally funding the production and do not anticipate making a profit; however any profit will be distributed on a profit-share basis.

• We will endeavour to provide transport to and from venues to avoid out of pockets expenses during the run of Fringe Festivals (Catford onwards).

• We appreciate that the lack of payment will be an understandable concern. As such this position would be ideal for actors from an amateur production background who (like the production company) are looking to bridge the gap into semi-professional productions.

• Please contact us at https://exitpursuedbypanda.com/contact/ or exitpursuedbypanda@gmail.com. The director Adrian Tang can also be reached at 07875 336198.