Michael BeakhouseMichael is a writer-in-residence and producer.

Michael’s career in the Local Government & Health sector has shown him how the world works “behind the scenes” – the causes of those problems we all face in every day life; the barriers to solving them; and the lack of any easy answers.
Alongside this, he has developed a side-career in acting and journalism – both of which are targeted at local communities, rather than the big lights of London or Hollywood.

These wildly different careers combine in his plays – character-driven stories about problems we all encounter, but which we rarely know “the full story” about.

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Selected stage plays:
* Tulips: Production, South Hill Park Arts Centre / The Studio Theatre Company (2019);
* Masters of Puppets: Production, The Studio Theatre / Exit Pursued By Panda Theatre Company (2018);
* The Rules Of The Game: Workshop , Progress Theatre / Progress Writer’s Group (2015);
* Cold Turkey: Workshop, Progress Theatre / Progress Writer’s Group (2015);
* Mental (contributor): Production, Rising Sun Arts Centre / Rose & Thorn Theatre Company (2009).

Selected screenplays:
* Weird One (contributor): Production, VJ Chan Pictures / Reading University Film Society (2016);
* It’s You & Me Now: Production, Shiny Happy Pictures / One Shot Film Festival (2015);
* Failsafe (contributor): Production, Tripping Whippet Pictures / Reading Fringe Film Festival (2015).

* Best Screenplay (winner, Failsafe): Tripping Whippet Pictures / Reading Fringe Film Festival (2015).