#CreatingApart returns in 2021!

Creating Apart started in 2020 due to a lack of physical graduate showcases leaving a void of creativity for graduating and emerging actors.  It’s remit has now expanded to include writers.  There is a lack of monologue resource available specifically for East Asian & South East Asian actors in the UK and Creating Apart is trying to rectify that.  Each writer will work with a graduating or emerging actor to create a character and story that the actor recognises.  It is important that creatives feel represented in this way.

We are looking for:

ESEA Writers – To attend a 3 hour Zoom actor-led workshop and write a three-minute monologue.

BESEA graduating and/or emerging actors (specifically those graduating in 2021 or have recently graduated in 2020 and 2019; and have not participated in Creating Apart already) – To attend a 3 hour Zoom actor-led workshop and perform the resulting three-minute monologue in a self-tape.  Limited spaces available.    

Directors (any) – Rehearse and direct the three-minute monologue with the actor. 

ESEA Dramaturgs – Provide dramaturgical support for writers. 

Actor-led workshop dates – Various in April/May 2021

Rehearsal period – June/July 2021

Additionally, as the process for Creating Apart evolves, so too should other aspects.  I am also looking for:

ESEA animator who can work with a static logo

ESEA Composer who has experience with piano, violin and hip hop to create a vibrant, uplifting and hopeful sound world.

These are all PAID opportunities. 

If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of the roles above please get in touch with Adrian Tang, the Producer, via email on exitpursuedbypanda@gmail.com 

Thanks to the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants for their support.