#CreatingApart returns in 2021!

Creating Apart started in 2020 due to a lack of physical graduate showcases leaving a void of creativity for graduating and emerging actors.  It’s remit has now expanded to include writers.  There is a lack of monologue resource available specifically for East Asian & South East Asian actors in the UK and Creating Apart is trying to rectify that.  Each writer will work with a graduating or emerging actor to create a character and story that the actor recognises.  It is important that creatives feel represented in this way.

Our writers. Top row (l-r): JM Arrow; Kooi Glendinning; Natasha Lay; Ling Low; Nemo Martin; Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen; Yuyu Wang. Second row (l-r): Alex Blanc; Kathryn Golding; Kevin Shen; Wendy Yee Man Wong. Third row (l-r): Carmina Bernhardt; Eu Jin Hwang; Stephanie Soh; Grace Xie. Fourth row (l-r): Naomi Sumner Chan; Christy Ku; Jimin Suh; Vivian Xie. Fifth row (l-r): Li Sa Choo; Melanie Lam; Isabella Leung; Mookie Ma; Eric Mok; Phoebe Tsang; Daniel York Loh. Bottom row (l-r): Tuyen Do; Joanne Lau, Enyu Li; Mei Mac; Vy-liam Ng; David Tse; Jingan Young.

Our directors. Top row (l-r): Louis Chan; Khairul Kamsani; Mookie Ma; Wendy Yee Man Wong. Second row (l-r): Mohamad Faizal Abdullah; Zhui Ning Chang; Baldwin Li; Bernadette Moran; Jay Oliver Yip. Third row (l-r): Rose Alexander-George; Angus Easener; Jasmine Teo; Daniel York Loh. Fourth row (l-r): Nicola Allpress; Rebecca Goh; Mingyu Lin; David Tse; Kelsey Yuhara; Carmina Bernhardt; Eu Jin Hwang; Ling Low; Emily Ling Williams.
Our actors. Top row (l-r): Christina Craven; Robin Khor Yong Kuan; Isabella Leung; Yvonne Newton; Maia Tamrakar. Second row (l-r): Melisa Camba; Linxi Doel; Matthew Koon; Ying Ue Li; Kim Nguyen; Xiaonan Wang. Third row (l-r): Kaja Chan; Georgina Goodchild; Christy Ku; Gala Lok; Jiyeon Park; Tessa Wong. Fourth row (l-r): Miriam Chim; James Jip; Angela Law; Rolando Montecalvo; Youyangg Song; Iverson Yabut. Fifth row (l-r): Oliver Chong; Kerrica Kendall; Carmen Law; Patrick Munday; Milla Sutton; Adrienne Yang. Bottom row (l-r): HanJie Chow; Kiuna Kim; Lana Lei; Riko Nakazono; Yuki Sutton.

Creative Team:

Producer – Adrian Tang

Assistant Producer – Amber Lin

Composer – Nicola T. Chang

Dramaturgs – Naomi Sumner Chan, Rebecca Goh, Frey Kwa Hawking, Eu Jin Hwang, Selina Lim, Mei Mac, David Tse

If you or anyone you know would be interested in participating in next iterations of Creating Apart please get in touch with Adrian Tang, the Producer, via email on exitpursuedbypanda@gmail.com 

Thanks to the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants for their support.